Bring Your Own Device


Introducing ‘Bring Your Own Device’@ Lowood State High School

Preparing students for a changing world is a critical aspect of education. The increasingly complex life and work environments in today’s world demand that students develop a range of skills, including:

•       Creative Thinking

•       Critical Thinking

•       Communication

•       Collaboration

At Lowood State High School, our ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) program is currently being developed to support students to exhibit a range of functional and critical skills, making them effective citizens and workers. Our BYOD program allows for a sustainable, academically beneficial and financially viable platform to provide students with accessible and flexible digital devices to aid their learning in the 21st Century.

This program will allow students 1:1 access to computers at school. It is our firm belief that Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) will enhance learning and the way students interact in the classroom.

Using your own device to access our school and departmental resources also allows students to gain access to:

·         filtered internet;

·         the school curriculum drive to obtain documents/resources provided by their teachers;

·         their home drive which enables them to access their files from any computer in the school and have a saved and backed-up copy of their work;

·         printing through our school photocopier, located in the Library.

Our goal is for students to use their device as a tool to support key processes in learning. Teachers will use them in our environment to facilitate deeper engagement in learning and higher-order thinking. Digital devices have functionality that will allow students to consume and produce information in a mobile form through:

·         textbooks being available on their device in eBook/PDF format;

  • a wide range of classroom apps and tools;

  • resources that are available 24/7.

In 2019 all Year 7 and Year 11 students will be required to have their own device to use at school.

Students in other years are encouraged to join the BYOD program.

All students are expected to have their device at school and charged, with enough space to save class work and install apps and books for classes. Students must abide by the expectations in Lowood State High School's Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students.

All students need to complete the BYOD Student Charterto be able to connect to the Lowood SHS network.

Lowood State High School has developed a specification to assist students and their families to support the BYOD program.

The standard device identifies the minimum specification that will assure effective connection to all network resources at Lowood State High School. It may be possible to use other devices, however, you may encounter some problems with connectivity to our school network and resources.

See links for Specifications & BYOD Charter Agreement.



Lowood State High School is committed to providing school lockers to students for their use, to provide a safe and secure place to store your BYOD and other valuables at school. Terms and Conditions of Locker Use:

•        Lockers are available on a first in first served basis at no cost.

•        Students are to supply their own substantial padlock for the locker and are responsible for keeping a spare key to the padlock at home. 

•        Students are responsible for the security of the items left in the locker at all times.  The school accepts no responsibility for any items damaged or stolen. 

•        Lowood State High School reserves the right to inspect lockers without notice. 

•        No illegal substances, weapons, other prohibited or offensive materials are to be placed in the lockers at any time. Students will be held liable for any offensive materials and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

•        Upon departure from school each afternoon (3pm), students are to empty and clear out the locker and leave it in good condition. Failure to do so could lead to the lock being cut-off.  (students will need to replace the padlock at their expense)

•        All lockers remain the property of Lowood SHS.

Last reviewed 29 May 2020
Last updated 29 May 2020