These are activities where students elect to participate and include Cluster Days, Sporting Trips, Cultural Activities and Performances.  Costs for each activity are also advised by letter to parents and payment needs to be made prior to the event.  We do not provide post-event payment options for these activities.


Since attendance at extra-curricular activities is considered a privilege, students will need to be on Lowood Lightning Levels 1, 2 or 3 and up-to-date with all payments.


Payment of all fees, subject levies and certificate courses must be up-to-date for students to be eligible to participate in any extra-curricular activities


Field Trips, Excursions and Camps

Field trips, excursions and camps are organised in order to extend student development in:

  • Specific subject studies
  • General knowledge and understanding
  • Personal development and career related experiences


Debating, Public Speaking

Students who engage in these activities gain significant experience. Opportunities may include Apex Debating Competition, Queensland Debater's Union, Lions Youth of the Year Quest and the Plain English Speaking Competition. 


Instrumental Music

The opportunity exists for students to become involved in the Instrumental Music Program.  Participation in the program is considered a privilege and entails certain responsibilities such as attending lessons, rehearsals and performances as required.


Students participate in a 30-minute lesson each week.  The lessons are held on a rotational basis to minimise the student's loss of class time in other subjects.  Students are expected to catch-up on the lesson missed because of attendance at their music lesson.


A limited number of school musical instruments are available for student use.  Instruments can also be hired from private firms.  It is generally expected that students purchase their own musical instrument after one year.  An annual levy is to be paid. Parents requiring further information should contact the Instrumental Music teacher.



The school promotes a musical every second year to further assist student development while also providing quality entertainment for our School community.  Students are able to assume acting, dancing, singing, backstage and promotional roles.


Dance Troupe

Every second year between Musicals, the school offers students the opportunity to join Dance Troupe. This activity further develops students' skills in dance performance, technique and teamwork. Dance Troupe involves an intense dance schedule to learn and refine skills and choreography, to then be presented at Eisteddfods and public performances throughout the year. The Dance Troupe is by audition only, as it requires a high level of skill.


Vocal Ensemble

The Vocal Ensemble performs contemporary pieces and medleys at school and community events and choral competitions. Unlike a tradition choir, The Vocal Ensemble is smaller and incorporates acting and choreography to our vocal performances.



Inter-School Sport and Cluster Days

Students are able to nominate for a variety of winter and summer sports. Students who perform at high levels are able to progress their way through to State Representation.


Student Socials

Student socials are periodically organised to enhance social development and provide an opportunity for enjoyable social interactions in the school environment.


Students are encouraged to dress in accordance with the theme. A respectable standard of dress is to be maintained. All students must display respectful personal interactions.

Last reviewed 01 September 2021
Last updated 01 September 2021