Principal's welcome

Student Success Means Everything
Thank you for your interest in Lowood State High School.  We look forward to you joining our school community. 
All students at Lowood State High School are encouraged and supported to strive to achieve personal excellence.  Our standards are high to support every student to achieve success.
A Culture of High Expectations
A strong relationship which exists between students, staff and parents at our school is crucial to the maintenance of these high standards and the attainment of student goals.
We are a school which encourages our young people to develop attitudes of independence, initiative, self-reliance and a sense of belonging.  Our school is a safe place where all students can pursue their studies and achieve personal excellence.
Our Motto
Creating the Future
Our Vision
Lowood State High School delivers high quality educational opportunities and outcomes to enable all students to experience success.
Our Strategic Plan (2019-2022)
We have a new 4 year Strategic Plan which is being implemented in 2019, that has a narrow and sharp focus on a culture of high expectations.  The poster on the link below depicts our strong focus on students; developing skills and character strengths to be the best version of themselves. When our students leave school we want them to have options/pathways and a healthy community spirit. 
Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)
As part of our focus on students and creating a culture of high expectations, we have launched a new set of values to support our students to make a difference in the 21st Century. Each value can be simply stated as follows:
·         Respect - behaving and treating others in a way that is kind and fair.
·         Integrity - doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.
·         Self-Reliance - understanding that you are responsible for your   actions.
·         Engagement - completing all tasks to the best of your ability.
About Us
Some points of difference that distinguish Lowood State High School from other schools are: 
·         All students in Years 11 and 12 are assigned an Academic Coach who assists them to achieve personal excellence.
·         Caring and passionate teachers
·         Strong leadership that is shared
·         Quality pathways in academic and vocational opportunities
·         School of opportunity with excellence programs
At Lowood State High School we allow for a broad range of talents to perform at their optimum level whether it be in the academic arena, the Arts, on sporting fields and developing student leadership.  We are very keen to build on our strengths.
Lowood is a school for every student and central to our core business is the belief that all students can succeed and achieve their goals with our job being to steer them on this journey.
Welcome to Lowood State High – we are about ensuring every student achieves success.  
Stacey Beu


Last reviewed 02 June 2020
Last updated 02 June 2020