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Year 9 Co2 Dragsters

The Year 9 Manual Arts class have been
working hard this term designing, making
and decorating their Co2 Dragsters. The
students were given specifications they had
to adhere to for their designs. Weigh-ins
became very competitive as students got a
little creative, hollowing out their cars for
optimal aerodynamics and weight reduction. Some built for
speed and others for style, but all the vehicles looked fantastic
on the day. Keep an eye out at the Lowood Show as we
showcase some of our prize winning vehicles.
On Thursday the 8th of June they got to experience a day at
the races. Their cars were weighed and ranked for qualifying.
After this they raced off in pairs with some cars flying down the
25 metre track in under 2 seconds. The speed demons zipped
down the track in the blink of an eye and everyone had fun
guessing who would win based on the elaborate shapes and
styles. We even had some thrills and spills as the sheer speed
of the cars sent them flipping over.
Coming in 1st place, Tayla Otto took out the win in 1.16
seconds with Chicken Nugget. Too Good followed in 2nd place
by Cameron O’Donohue with a close 1.25 seconds. At the end
of the day we had a celebrity race between The Blues versus
Teachers Pet. Mr Jenner came in at a ripping 1.09 seconds but
Mr Ness is demanding a rematch as his car flipped in the home
stretch, possibly due to debris on the track.
I would like to take this opportunity to commend the students
on their hard work and dedication to this challenge.